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Fort Worth Home Repair also offers our specialized services, such as Landscape Lighting, TV Wall Mounting, Aging in Place Services, Home Make Ready Services and Nest Thermostat and other installations.

You may have just bought a home, but it needs a little work before it’s ready to move in.  Our make ready services are right for you.  Under your direction, we will make you home ready to enjoy from day one.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting can make a dramatic effect on your home and landscape.  With the recent improvements in LED and Low Voltage technology, the sky’s the limit on what you can do with outdoor lighting. And it’s eco friendly using a fraction of the energy previously required.

Furthermore, our TV Wall Mounting service is available to help you mount that new flat screen TV in just the right spot – and hide the wires, too.

Finally, our Aging in Place Services are for those seniors who want to stay in their current home as they age.  We install grab bars, non-slip surfaces, alarms and many other features that make your home safe and secure.

Handyman Services Fort Worth
Handyman Services Fort Worth

need your home repaired?  we can help

Our Services

This is a small sampling of the services we offer.

We provide all varieties of Handyman Services Fort Worth such as home repair and maintenance services.  We can fix just about anything.  Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

home repairs

General and small home repairs are the majority of our business.  This is what people think of when they think of Handyman Services. Whether it’s one repair or an entire to-do list, we would love to help you.

home maintenance

Home maintenance is the large part of our on going business.  We help homeowners with those pesky home repairs that take so much time.  We can change batteries in smoke detectors, replace your air conditioner filters and much more.  We can maintain your home, so you can spend more time with family and friends.

Nest Pro Thermostat Installation

Fort Worth Home Repair is an authorized Nest Pro Installer.  We can install your Nest Thermostat and help you with the set up of your new device.  We also install other Nest products such as Cameras. There are not many authorized Nest Pro Installers in the Fort Worth Area, so we are very proud to be one.

TV Wall Mounting

Fort Worth Home Repair provides TV installation services.  Whether you just need it mounted on the wall, or the wires and cables hidden, we can do it all.  We will help you determine the best place to mount your new TV.

deck repairs

We provide all types of deck repairs. We can replace a few boards, level your deck or replace those worn areas.  We also stain and weatherproof decks.  It may be for economically feasible to repair your deck instead of building new one. However, if you need to install a new deck, we are here to help.

fence repairs

We provide all types of fence repairs, including fence installation.  We can even stain or weather proof your fence.  Many times it’s more economically feasible to repair your existing fence instead of building an entire new one.  However, if you need to install a new fence. we can do that too.

door repairs

Do you have a door that isn’t opening correctly?  Or perhaps you need to have a new door installed.  We can help.  We also change hinges, locks and other services.

Drywall RepairS

We repair and install drywall. We have many customers who need an occasional sheetrock repair from a door hitting a wall, or they have removed an old fixture.  We can fix your drywall so it looks like new.

landscape lighting

One of our specialty services is low voltage landscape lighting.  With new LED and improvement in low voltage technology, you can make a dramatic effect on your home and outdoor spaces with lighting.

electrical repairs

We provide minor electrical and repairs and service.  Whether you need a ceiling fan hung, or a new light installed, Fort Worth Home Repair can help you with your project. After assessment, If necessary, we will work with one of our licensed electrical contractors to make sure we your job is done right.

Plumbing repairs

We provide minor plumbing repairs and service.  You may have a toilet that keeps running or need to install a new disposal. We can help. After assessment, if necessary, we will work with one of our licensed plumbing contractors to make sure your job is done right.

window Repairs

Do you have a bunch of stuck windows or only one widow that needs repair?  We can do everything from replacing broken glass, to weather stripping, to repairing the window mechanism. We can fix all your window issues in a flash.


As a Handyman Repairman, we also have a lot of painting jobs. We can paint the trim of your house, a room or two, or just some touch up here or there. We also stain and weather proof decks and caulk bathrooms, kitchens and windows.

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